What is the Hourblast Workout?

The Hour Blast workout is a form of high intensity interval training and is exactly what you need if you want to burn calories and rev up your metabolism! Alternating fast-paced strength circuits on the floor with heart-pumping intervals on the treadmill, we keep the workout fun & you engaged making the hour fly by!

Here’s what you need to know to get your mind ready for the best workout!

First, every class is different! We always alternate moving from the tread to the floor every few minutes but those minute increments change everyday as well as the equipment we use on the floor. This ensures that the workout will always be fun, offer you a good challenge and never you give you the chance to be bored!

Part of the workout is all about cardio and getting your heart rate up to give you those quick results and increase that metabolism. Using the tread, we will walk, run, sprint and race to the top of hills! We continually take your speeds and inclines up and down while you’re on the tread to work on endurance, speed and agility. Not a runner? Nothing to worry about here! We always offer 3 different levels of speeds to ensure each client gets their best workout in and leaves feeling stronger and more confident than ever!

The other part of the Hour Blast workout is on the floor where we work on building your strength and shaping all of the right places. We change up our equipment on the floor everyday so it’s always something different! Using dumbbells, TRX bands, stability balls, steps, medicine balls or a combination of it all we get in a full body workout targeting every muscle.

Completing this type of workout 2-4 times per week will have you in the best shape of your life in no time! Come see us today and try it out! You won’t be sorry!